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In today’s busy world as time goes by, we care more and more about mobility, getting from point A to point B the quickest and most comfortable way possible, and Smart devices are also becoming a necessary part of our everyday life.

Become a B2B parntner

Scooters have been considered as kid’s toys in the past, but nowadays they’re even considered as a special mean of transport. They’re gradually changing our transportation for a better one.
The biggest advantage for people is, that the scooters work a dock less way. This means, that they can park the scooter anywhere, and pick it up too. No more wasted hours in traffic jams. No more fights for parking spaces. Electric scooters offer freedom to their users.

Multiple companies have already started with this idea in many American metropolises last year. These companies quickly managed to gain fame and succeed on the world market.
The most valuable advantage of this business form is, that you don’t need to implement that much time and energy to lead this business and that’s why this is a great way of earning some extra money beside your full time job or while you’re still studying.
MINT B2B is a special way of business form, where you have the chance to become a part of scooter sharing market. We’re giving you an opportunity to have your own scooters and provide you with all the necessary support.

As a MINT B2B partner, you will buy scooters from us, which are already equipped with the GPS tracking system ,the smart lock system, and a smart communication system. All of this allows the users to rent the scooters only through the free app, that can be downloaded from Appstore or Google Play.. communication between the scooter and the app too (e.g. locking and unlocking the scooter). All of this simplifies the operation for you. The app is downloadable form AppStore or Google Play.
You’re also able to keep your scooters under surveillance with the help of the app. To know, whether a scooter needs to be charged or not, which are currently in use, or which scooter has to undergo a mechanical maintenance. You will also get access to our back-end system, which allows you to keep your whole operation under surveillance.

As a MINT B2B partner you can expect support from the central marketing. Each scooter will be operated under the same brand name MINT, whit the same quality regardless of who owns the scooter.You can fully use all of these advantages, but first please fill out this short questioner and submit it. We’ll check it and get back to you as soon as we can.

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