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We continuously keep working on spreading our services to more and more cities and expanding the charger team of our brand MINT. Soon, you too will have the chance to become a member of this team.

Become a charger

Electric scooters can provide a solution to people in today’s busy world for overcrowded traffic, because their usage and rental are really simple. The only thing left to start your adventure is to register, after the download the MINT app from AppStore or Google Play. You don’t need to look for docking spaces to park the scooter. Simply just park it anywhere after you have finished your ride.

These scooters are equipped with an ecofriendly electric engine so they need to be charged after using. Nothing has ever been easier than that. As any other electronic device, it comes with a charger too. Just plug it into the socket then to the scooter and should be charging, same way as charging your mobile device. Fully charging a scooter costs less than 50 Ft. You can charge the scooters anywhere. It could be a garage, a storage or even a small room in your apartment where there’s electricity.

It’s that simple, besides you’ll be
earning money too.

It’s perfectly suitable even for those who already have a full time job or are still studying.

After becoming a charger for
MINT, a new platform will be
available for you the “Charger “.

You can find scooters in need of charging with the help of this platform’s map. You’re able to oversee the battery charge online and release it after it’s been fully charged.

Become a Charger and earn money without having to invest a lot of energy or time. Fill out this short questionnaire and tell us in which city you would like to become a Charger.
Our colleagues will you contact, when a MINT charger team will creates in your city!

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