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Our goals

Our company’s goal is to create a more ecological and cleaner mean of transport in our cities, that is easier and more comfortable than public transport or taxis. Our team is working on spreading this mean on the roads as quick as possible. Everyone is fed up with slow traffic, commuting and overcrowded, delayed public transport.


MINT offers a solution for these everyday problems. Simply just download the app, search the closest scooter to you through the app, unlock it, hop on it and you can head to your destination.

The evolution of technology has also brought us “SMART” devices. It’s time, that these devices become an important part of our city transport to save our ecosystem.

This allowed us to order or reserve tickets for the subway, buses or even taxis simply through an app. The same technology allows us to rent electric scooters through an app, which make our journey to our destination faster and more comfortable.

3 basic points of our success


Our team members have a long-lasting experience in “SMART” device technologies. That’s why we know we offer a special service, that the people will love and easily implement in their everyday life.


Our fleet’s electric scooters are equipped with the most up to date technology.
Ensuring the fleet’s smooth operation during the whole year.


Our expertise and reliability is reflected on our customer’s satisfaction.