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The usage of our service is really simple. Download the app from AppStore or Google Play. After that follow the next steps

How it works

1. Registration

You can register real quick through the Mint App.

2. Find your scooter

Find the nearest scooter to you, scan the QR Code or manually enter the QR Code number that is located on the scooter and start riding.

3. Start ride

Step on the scooter with one leg and use the other one to push start yourself. (A) Press down the gas lever on the scooter's handlebar to accelerate. (B) Press down the brake lever on the left side of the scooter's handlebar to slow down.

4. Where to ride

If possible, use bike lanes for riding. If not, ride on the side of the road. Obey all traffic rules at all times. Do not ride on sidewalks, only if allowed by the local regulations. Do not worry if your scooter's acceleration has suddenly decreased. You may have entered into a slow speed zone where the speed limit has been moderated for the safety of the pedestrians.

5. Parking

Parking spots where you can park the scooter and end your ride will be marked with blue on the Mint app's map. We recommend you use places near bike racks or sidewalk curbs for parking. Park smart so that no pedestrians are limited in any way.

6. End your ride

To finish your ride tap on "End Ride". The app will then ask you to take a photo of the way you parked the scooter and then go through the locking process.

Safe riding is really important. That’s why we want all of our users to know the rules of safe riding.