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Deposit (security deposit) : 10,- Eur / temporarily suspended

Balance (minimum balance of credit in the wallet) : 5,- Eur

Fee for a negative balance in the wallet : 3,- Eur

Fee for User account cancellation within 6 months : 2,- Eur

Fee for a battery over drainage : 15,- Eur

Fee for improper parking : 5,- Eur

Fee for scooter pick up / transfer : 10,- Eur

Fee for a damaged scooter : 20,- Eur + actual repair costs

Fee for a stolen scooter : 900,- Eur

All other fees that may be charged are available in the Mint app and the amount of these fees may vary depending on the location and will be displayed before each ride by clicking on the icon of the scooter.

These fees are :

Scooter unlock, Minute tariff for ride, Minute tariff for break, Reservation fee, Daily maximum fee for renting a scooter

All fees include VAT.