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Safe riding is really important. That’s why we want all of our users to know the rules of safe riding.


Always wear
a helmet

Same way as during cycling you must wear a helmet while you’re riding.

Use designated
bike lanes

If possible, try to use an available bike lane, if not, ride on the ride side of the road. Obey all traffic rules at all times. Do not use the sidewalk except, if the local traffic rules allow you.

Obey the
traffic rules

Don’t forget, that the Traffic Rules apply to you the same way as to other road users. That’s why, you must pay attention to traffic signs, road paintings and traffic lights too. Be mindful of pedestrians and other road users at crossroads.


You can park Mint scooters within the Service area at parking spots marked with blue. Parking in zones, marked with red, is prohibited. You can park in zones, marked with yellow, only if you find a designated parking spot within that zone. You can see these zones marked with colors on the app’s map. If possible, please park the scooter near available bike racks. This way the scooters will be easily accessible by other users as well. When parking, please keep in mind not to block or limit pedestrians in any way, ramps, pedestrian crossings, entrances, gates or fire hydrants. Parking the scooters in private properties, closed quarters or at any other place where the scooters are not freely accessible 24/7 may lead to fines.

The usage of our service is really simple. Download the app from AppStore or Google Play. After that follow the next steps