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The usage of our service is really simple. Download the app from AppStore or Google Play. After that follow the next steps

How it works

1. Registration

You can do this anytime through the app. You don’t need anything else just your phone number and an Email address with a password.

2. Find it

Find the closest MINT scooter to you after the registration. Scan the QR code located on the scooter and start the rental. In case the QR code doesn’t work, type in the vehicle ID.

3. Start

Step on the scooter’s deck with one foot and use the other foot to kick-start yourself. After the scooter has started moving push down the green lever located on the right side of the scooter’s handlebar (A) to speed up. Use the red lever located on the left side of the scooter’s handlebar to brake and slow down (B) or you can use the scooter’s mudguard on the rear.

4. Where to ride

If possible, try to use an available bike lane, if not, ride on the ride side of the road. Obey all traffic rules at all times. Do not use the sidewalk except, if the local traffic rules allow you. If you experience a sudden, unexpected speed limitation, don’t freak out. You may have entered a “limited” zone where the speed has been limited for your and the pedestrian’s safety.

5. Parking

If you want to park the scooter, you can do this anywhere within the operating are. You don’t need to look for parking spaces or docking spaces to park the scooter. If possible use the bike docks or public places to park the scooter because they are the safest. Park properly to not block pedestrians walking by.

6. Ending rental

Park the scooter and end the rental through the app after you’ve reached your destination. You’ll know if the scooter is locked successfully when the scooter has initiated the locking sound.

Safe riding is really important. That’s why we want all of our users to know the rules of safe riding.